How Did It All Begin?
Since ancient times, many cultures including the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, have used the traditional natural therapy of ear candling on a spiritual level, to purify and cleanse the aura. Hopi Ear Candling techniques as we know them today, however, are believed to originate from the Native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona. Interestingly, Hopi means ‘peaceful people’ and this gentle and soothing therapy is indeed well known for its calming and relaxing effects. Ear candles are now widely used throughout the modern world for helping specific conditions and to still stressful minds.

Who Can Benefit?
A Hopi Ear Candle treatment can be enjoyed purely for relaxation purposes, but the process is believed to be helpful for many problems and conditions, including the following:
Hay fever
Irritability and stress
May help to loosen excessive ear wax
Ear pressure due to flying

How Does It Work?
The treatment involves placing an ear candle – a hollow tube made of unbleached cotton that is coated with natural ingredients such as beeswax, honey and herbs – into the ear canal. Treating each ear separately, as the candle gently burns down it is believed to act like a ‘chimney’ creating a light vacuum effect. The flicker of the flame also creates vibrations that massage the eardrum. The herbal vapours from the lit candle also swirl into the ear canal, helping to soothe and balance.

What Does It Feel Like?
As the candle burns down, many say it sounds like a fire softly crackling away which adds to the overall relaxing experience. The usual burn time of each candle is between ten and fifteen minutes. A pleasant feeling of warmth from both the candle and the reassurance of the therapist’s touch also makes this a deeply relaxing treatment.

Does It Involve Massage?
The ear candling treatment can be followed by a massage of the outer ear, followed by a pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage of the face which complements the effects of the ear candling by helping to release blockages in the sinuses and ears.

Which Candles Should I Use?
Biosun Hopi Ear candles are made by hand using a traditional recipe and regularly-tested, 100% natural ingredients. Original Biosun Traditional Ear Candles are a popular choice and have been successfully used by therapists for decades.

Any Precautions?
Ear candling is a gentle non-invasive process but there are certain conditions that would prevent treatment.

These include:
Grommets, drains or tubes fitted in the ear
Cochlear implants
Perforated eardrum (or lack of eardrum)
Ear or sinus inflammation or infection
Auricular cysts
Recent head or neck injury
Recent ear surgery
Any condition of the ear for which you are seeing your GP
If you are allergic to ingredients in the candle
High or low blood pressure
First trimester of pregnancy

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